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Wait…who am I again?

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

A good thing to keep in mind as you’re divvying up next year’s marketing budget is who your company is. Business leaders want marketers to help create measurable sales, and they should; but, successful companies, the ones you remember, have an identity ~ a brand personality on which time and money are spent. Marketers have to achieve both objectives.

It’s not always the small companies or the start-ups who lose their identities. Creating content for an increasing amount of outlets is complicated and it’s easy to lose your way. It is difficult enough to make sure the Facebook posts are consistent with the emails, print ad campaigns and trade show theme, but if the message is weak, or changing every year, or too complicated, it’s just more noise – and the world is getting noisier every day.

It helps if there is a memorable brand message. The best brand messages are those conceived in terms that are easy for people to relate to. For instance, “trust our products to contain your life’s work,” or “a pump is the heart of your design.” Simple, basic language makes it is easier to build campaigns your audience can remember.

It's a worthwhile point to remember from a strategic perspective, and one that can help when you’re planning next year’s campaigns. With years of intense focus on media and messaging, I can offer insights you can use ~ let me know if I can help!. 


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