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DoseGuard: Building awareness with a tight budget…

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Objective: Introduce a clever new product that allows delivery of a precise dose of liquid medicine

to a young child, and then seals the bottle denying access, so the child can’t get to it and unintentionally overdose.

Challenge: The product was one of several coming to market to address a problem identified by the FDA and CDC. As a company driven by technology, not marketing, Comar needed a high visibility solution – quickly.

Approach: The campaign revolved around a witty product name, DoseGuard, that got a memorable logo design. Initial campaign graphics featured an adorable and unforgettable child model. A publicity campaign directed at the pharmaceutical packaging industry focused on the acceptance of the device by the regulatory and consumer organizations.

Results: DoseGuard is now accepted as the standard safe-dosing solution by industry leading medication suppliers and distributors.


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