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Explain new technology with a picture

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Define unique life science technology using an image to create sales
A cut away illustration of DropArray plate

Objective: Explain DropArray, a unique hydrophilic technology by Curiox designed to create “well-less” microwell plates.

Challenge: This novel technology involved holding liquid samples in place with hydrophilic spots. This entirely new means of sample handling that permitted precise detection and manipulation techniques. Although the technology gained initial interest, it ran into delays.

Scientists thought they understood the technology, but when it came time to standardize the technology in their labs, they realized they were unsure and lost confidence.

Approach: A realistic illustration of the technology allowed scientists to see and better understand the technology and its potential benefits.

The power of a properly conceived and executed image in is profound in its ability to communicate. The average attention span is short, and although people may appear to understand the message, it is not always so.

Results: DropArray became more popular and was introduced into labs for evaluation as a promising new sampling handling technology.


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