I think “Your Marketing Sucks” sucks

Best advice to use marketing to support sales

A guest post by Albert Media

The other day I heard a commercial for a marketing firm representing itself as “Your Marketing Sucks.” Wow. That's imaginative. They had a memorable web address, too – you guessed it: www.YourMarketingSucks.com, but I’m not going there.

If you're wondering why not, you should re-consider your career in marketing. Marketing is supposed to give people a good impression.

Even if I used these guys for a campaign I wouldn’t tell anyone. Would you? Imagine overhearing this at a cocktail party: “You saw it? Yeah, I used ‘Your Marketing Sucks’… nice, huh? Hey, let’s do a shot!”

Your Marketing Sucks breaks a cardinal rule in marketing: the rule of looking good. Unfortunately, that rule gets broken all the time - when a marketing executive uses a selfie for their LinkedIn profile, or an agency names itself Outhouse (that's for real  – I wonder what they call their work?).

If you believe marketing campaigns are determined solely by metrics, and getting attention is the only objective regardless of taste and probity, take a good look at the leading brands in any category. People remember campaigns for good reasons, not bad ones.

Anyone can get bad attention, that’s easy. Getting people to remember who you are, what you offer, and why, in favorable terms, is not. That's why there are professionals.

This is a guest post by Albert Media. Al can make valuable observations, but he can come off a little rough. I hope you decide to give him a chance… 

If you want to contact Al directly, send me an email and I'll make sure he gets it. choag@kenyonhoag.com. 

Posted on July 17, 2014 and filed under Campaigns.