Upon Reflection…

Far away from here, in a tiny rural town is a life sciences company I call on for business. The office used to be in a trailer on a field that was always muddy. To get in, you had to scramble up a wooden gangway. Inside was cramped -- I would balance my briefcase on my knees during office meetings, and since the bathroom had no acoustic insulation, other arrangements had to be made. Everyone seemed tired and disheveled; they dressed in flannel shirts, jeans and boots in the cool months, and in shorts, tee shirts and sandals when it got warm.

The company grew and the owners replaced the trailer with a new headquarters building. It had a beautiful design with arched windows and doors, and the surrounding landscape was perfectly manicured. An impressive sign stood out front. The first time I visited the new building, I didn’t recognize anyone. Who were these well dressed, well groomed people? What happened? Were new people brought in? Had the staff been replaced?

... they dressed up

No one was replaced. The same people worked there, except now they dressed up. This is a common occurrence. What I was seeing was an example of human behavior in which people reflect their surroundings. As marketers, we need to consider this example.

Just like the office they come to everyday, a website should impress the people it represents. You can see a visible difference in people who are attending a conference when they have an impeccable trade show exhibit. Even a modern, well-designed corporate logo will inspire people. It gives them a sense of pride, of being part of something great.

People reflect the company they represent. Since sales people are so visible, how they feel about the outward appearance of a company has special influence on how they represent it to customers. And, this is an important part of a company’s public relations program.

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