Establishing Your Voice

When a company is determined to raise its level of awareness, a simple, highly effective practice is to generate and distribute a continuous stream of outgoing communication. Before updates and blog posts, the primary method was to regularly issue press releases to the media serving your customer base.

Press releases are still effective and should not be replaced or discontinued. If you send announcements continuously, the media and your customers may begin to follow you, especially if the content is valuable and maintains a certain recognizable style. It is the voice of your company.

…editors and reporters rely on a symbiotic relationship they establish with industry voices

One of the things it does for you is to create a self-perpetuating inquiry response relationship with various media leaders - they start to come to you for industry insight. Remember, editors and reporters rely on a symbiotic relationship they establish with industry voices. What they need are subject matter experts.

In general, your customers still follow the mainstream life science media. That's because there are many good editors out there. The really good ones know their job is to predict the future for their readers, which is how they build a following. They have a lot more competition for your attention these days, so they're very resourceful. 

That's where you come in. The vast gulf between the media and the masses has disappeared. We are all part of the media now. Everyone has the ability to publish, and with social media and blogging tools anyone can get the word out. It is more important than ever to plan your media output.

The mainstream media remains important; in fact, it has the potential to become stronger and more influential in a leadership role. The explosion of media has presented us with unlimited choices, and its natural for people to seek clarity and guidance. That's one of the things the established media still offers. So while you are pushing out posts, updates and videos, don’t neglect the mainstream media. Keep them on your list and send to them regularly.

Your company's communication stream is a foundational element of its identity; will it be a strong, stable voice that customers and the media look for and rely on? It's really up to you to determine.

If you need help establishing or re-establishing a voice for your company, help is here. Give me a call or drop me a line

Posted on June 19, 2013 and filed under Press releases, Media.