Small vs. Big in Life Science Marketing

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If you’re running a small company that supplies technical products to the life science research community, you know the advantages you have over bigger competitors. Agility, focused salesmanship and initiative - these qualities are not often evident in large organizations. You also have to have the courage to take a chance and roll the dice every now and then.

It takes courage. Aside from the large sales networks, distribution deals, and expansive product lines, big companies have the resources to explore the new media landscape. What they get is the ability to analyze data generated from transactions, web traffic, and social media. That’s a luxury most small companies don’t get to experience.

If you’re small, you’re mobile. You can act quickly and adjust. What you need is knowledge, and the means to obtain it is available.

Powerful new tools are available for a remarkably small investment of time and resources. A website can be developed and launched in just a few days with built-in analytics and SEO that are easy to use. Now when you direct customers to your website or microsite, you can monitor activity in real-time. To make it easier, integrate your customer database, emails, and social media campaigns. Stay in front of prospective customers more often, and find out what is effective through measurement.

Your life science customers are always looking for new products. With more outlets to search than ever before, marketers are challenged by a maze of media choices. Find out what is working for you: email, advertising, videos, conferences, social media, or PR. With a few simple steps, you can set up measurement and start making decisions based on evidence.

The path to victory can be shorter by mastering the field of play, even against larger, better-equipped players. We’ve witnessed many plans and strategies over the years, so we can offer you valuable input and ideas. The important thing is to stay informed, because with knowledge there is power. And, for some of you, it'll be easier to roll the dice again.


Posted on May 30, 2013 and filed under Campaigns.