How to Get the Most Out of Your Press Release

  1. The benefit of your product needs to be crystal clear.  Come up with several alternative wordings of your main benefit and make sure you test it with prospective customers. A good copywriter can help you distill your ideas into a potent and memorable message.
  2. Next, get your product ready to be scrutinized by potential customers – and the media. Make sure you have all necessary marketing materials (website, brochures, manuals) produced and ready to support your sales efforts. Consult a professional marketing firm to get a complete list of materials, and to prepare a well-worded press release.
  3. Your press release is one of thousands sent to the media every day. To get your press releases published, carefully plan where it will be sent and that it fits in with the topics covered by the media you choose to send it to.
  4. This is the stage that is most misunderstood and frustrating at the same time. You’ve sent out a couple of press releases to editors, but you aren’t getting any returns (ROI) yet. Remember: Your potential customers follow certain editors mainly for their ability to regularly communicate exciting new trends and technology because their readers aren’t as well-informed as editors are – and it’s you that is the source of information. The more consistent a source of information you can be for them, the higher chance that they’ll give you coverage. Keep using different angles to communicate your message.
  5. You’re almost over the hump! If you stop communicating with editors now, all your effort up to now is for naught. Remember, once your message picks up momentum, you’ll be surprised how frequently and widespread coverage will be. So, don’t stop communicating.
  6. At this point, your message and press release will be everywhere. Congratulations! Now comes the fun part.  You’ll have established a connection with editors, and they’ll be looking forward to any big insights and news you have to share. Guide the narrative that you’ve created, and don’t let go of your momentum.

Posted on February 19, 2013 and filed under Press releases.