An iPad-ready Video for Miele Professional's Sales Team

A unique opportunity for Miele Professional - its freestanding lab washer was particularly well positioned to compete against a competitor's upright model. By simply stacking two units, the Duo Stack G 7893 was born. But getting people to understand the value of this configuration is not easy.

Miele's high quality, high price equipment runs consistently, exceeds quality expectations, supports sustainability and continuously delivers proven economies. How do you deliver these messages to a busy lab manager already dealing with multiple priorities, none of which concern buying a lab appliance?

Smart, attractive and pleasing, the Duo Stack video was designed to convey several selling points in a two-minute, easy-to-watch video. Viewable on a tablet, phone or desktop, there's also a high definition version designed for display on a large format monitor at trade shows. The audio track is relaxing, not driving, and the graphic titles smoothly deliver the message. 

Done on time, within budget and on site, Miele Professional was pleased with the result.

Posted on February 19, 2013 and filed under Design, Video.