How to get real about what your company does…

Of all the things a small manufacturing business has to tolerate, being mistaken for a distributor with no manufacturing capabilities is one of the more annoying. The business leaders at J.G. Finneran Associates produced a video to present its design and manufacturing capabilities. One of the immediate benefits was to dispel any mistaken notions about the company’s capabilities.

A vertically integrated business, J.G. Finneran distinguishes itself with a consistent stream of clever, time saving products for people working with laboratory samples for analysis. Many of its products are protected by patents.

Business leaders need to be aware of how their businesses are perceived. If there appears to be misperceptions or inaccuracies, it pays to fix it quick. Why jeopardize success? Visual evidence is one of the best ways I know to align perception with reality.

Posted here is a short video trailer clipped from the full-length production.

Posted on November 1, 2013 and filed under Video.